Below is my own personal work and projects

Made the template purely with PHP and HTML/CSS

Milstenen Spa


A project we were doing in school.

–> Original Milstenen Spa <–

–> My Version of Milstenen Spa <–

I made the site in my own view by adding different customizations and adding different languages to the site for viewers.

I also made a welcoming background animation by making the site itself a bit transparent while having the whole website themed dark.



A restaurant project.

–> Project <–

We made a restaurant site by using drupal.

I made different types of categories such as vegan, non-vegan etc.

I made the search engine in drupal work with the content types (food items) and also work by ingredients (taxonomy)

Javascript – WordPress


Something we did in school.

–> Javascript Page <–

–> WordPress Page <–

Integrated Javascript on a basic html skeleton page, getting wordpress posts into the html site and making the navigation menu (left navmenu) to animate with scroll on the specific post.


Scrum, Agile and Lean

–> Project <–

This was a team project where we were six people collaborating to make the perfect site explaining Scrum, Agile and Lean for underaged children to understand easily without getting bored.

Tall Trädgård


–> Website <–

A project to help an individual.

Each person from school had someone come to the school to talk to us and see what can be improved on their company’s website. I introduced WordPress and helped them setup a nice website. I used wordpress cous the person was already familiar with the system, she could later on edit whatever she wanted or add new posts and it would show up in a organized way.

Ram Ranch Cowboy Shop (WooCommerce)


–> Website <–

A funny cowboy shop made for school. I used woocommerce and made some specific changes. For example an item for $200.00 will become $200 but $199.99 will stay as it is and not remove the decimals. A few more simple mods that I cannot remember at this time.

Business Site


–> Website <--

–> Photoshop Template <--

I did this as an assignment for school, we were supposed to remake a website based on a photoshop template. I remade it in my own version, adding parallax and other cool features…

Obelisk Gaming


–> Website <--

I did this for a gaming community that I play alot on, the owner had a basic website and I asked if he needed a new one, and he said sure why not. So I made this for the community for free.

Making websites is a hobby of mine, and what better way to improve other than making new different websites all the time?

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