Below is my own personal work and projects

Milstenen Spa


A project we were doing in school.

–> Original Milstenen Spa <–

–> My Version of Milstenen Spa <–

I made the site in my own view by adding different customizations and adding different languages to the site for viewers.

I also made a welcoming background animation by making the site itself a bit transparent while having the whole website themed dark.

Pappis Pizzeria


A restaurant project.

–> Original Site <–

–> My version <–

We remade a pizza site by using drupal.

I made different types of categories such as vegan, non-vegan etc.

I made the search engine in drupal work with the content types (food items) and also work by ingredients (taxonomy)

Javascript – WordPress


Something we did in school.

–> Javascript Page <–

–> WordPress Page <–

Integrated Javascript on a basic html skeleton page, getting wordpress posts into the html site and making the navigation menu (left navmenu) to animate with scroll on the specific post.


Scrum, Agile and Lean

–> Project <–

This was a team project where we were six people collaborating to make the perfect site explaining Scrum, Agile and Lean for underaged children to understand easily without getting bored.

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